SIP SUB 3040 Water Pump Part Number 6865

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SIP SUB 3040 Water Pump  Part Number  6865

SIP SUB 3040 Water Pump Part Number 6865

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The SIP SUB 3040 Water Pump is ideal for draining clean water from a flooded cellar, basement, small water or collection tank, work site, well, or hot tub. Clean water is considered to be free from large particle contamination.

Water pumps can help prevent costly damage to property or work areas from recurring rainwater or groundwater. This pump can also be used for a variety of garden maintenance purposes and is suited for intermittent use.

  • Powerful 400w/0.5hp brushless induction motor
  • Fitted float switch prevents pump from running dry
  • Max. 6mtr pumping head for quick draining
  • Drains water with particles up to Ø 3mm
  • Lightweight and compact design

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. 06865
  • Input Supply: 230v 50Hz
  • Motor Power: 400w (0.5hp)
  • Flow Rate: 150ltr/min
  • Outlet: 25mm Ø - 40mm Ø 1" BSP
  • Max. Pumping Head: 6mtr
  • Max. Operating Depth: 7mtr
  • Max. Particle Diameter: Ø 3mm
  • Max. Water Temperature: 35°C
  • Body Type: Plastic
  • Pump Type: Clean Water
  • Cable Length: 9mtr
  • Protection: IPX8