SIP Rescue Pac 1600 Part Number 3936

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SIP Rescue Pac 1600  Part Number  3936

SIP Rescue Pac 1600 Part Number 3936

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The SIP Rescue Pac 1600 is a purpose-designed AGM pack built to boost-start cars and small vehicles efficiently, using proven technology to provide high boost and cranking rates, and a 12v DC supply to power a range of devices direct from the booster.

Perfect for boosting ATVs, motorcycles, cars, and vans.

  • 12v internal battery voltage
  • 1600A boost peak rate and 700A cranking rate
  • Rechargeable AGM portable pack for boost-starting
  • 12v DC takeoff powers devices direct from booster
  • Integrated LED charge rate indication

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. 03936
  • Output Voltage: 12v
  • Battery Capacity: True 22Ah
  • Output Sockets: 1x 12v DC
  • Boost Peak Rate: 1600A
  • Cranking Rate: 700A
  • Cable Length: 800mm