SIP PAPR WR1000 Electronic Headshield Part Number 2814

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SIP PAPR WR1000 Electronic Headshield

SIP PAPR WR1000 Electronic Headshield Part Number 2814

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The SIP PAPR WR1000 Electronic Welding Headshield with powered purifying respirator is the complete package. With a ready-to-use automatic welding headshield, air blower with battery and hoses, the WR1000 offers protection against toxic fumes.

Ideal for a range of home, trade and professional environments.

  • 98mm x 43mm viewing area with TRUE COLOUR HD LCD lens technology
  • 1/30,000sec light-to-dark response time for sudden arc protection
  • DIN 9-13 variable welding shade control and DIN 4 for grinding
  • Powerful air purificiation; EN12941 (TH2) respirator filtration
  • Audible and visual respirator clogged filter alarm

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. 02814
  • Screen Type: True Colour HD LCD
  • Filter Size: 125mm x 102mm x 10mm
  • Viewing Area: 98mm x 43mm
  • Grinding Shade: Variable 4 DIN
  • Plasma Shade: N/A
  • Welding Shade: Variable 9 - 13 DIN
  • Arc Sensors: 4 sensors
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Light-to-Dark Response: 1/30,000sec
  • Working Air Flow: 150ltr/min / 180ltr/min
  • Approx. Runtime: 10hrs (low) / 6hrs (high)
  • Charging Time: 3hrs
  • Filtration Level: TH2