SIP MIG Welding Pliers Part Number 4168

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SIP MIG Welding Pliers

SIP MIG Welding Pliers Part Number 4168

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The SIP MIG Welding Pliers is designed from heavy-duty forged steel with a form-fitting handle, offering a comfortable solution for nozzle and tip installation, wirecutting, nozzle cleaning, spatter removal and more in all welding applications.

An essential accessory for any welding environment.

  • Manufactured from heavy-duty forged steel for durability
  • Offers 3 versatile grips; wire grip, shroud grip, tip grip
  • Form-fitting handle makes use easier and more comfortable
  • Ideal for all levels of welding and welding environments
  • Convenient and superb value-for-money

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. 04168
  • Designed For: Nozzle & Tip Installation / Wirecutting / Nozzle Cleaning / Spatter Removal
  • Suitable For: MIG Welding