SIP 'M' Magnetic Holder Part Number 9550

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SIP 'M' Magnetic Holder  Part Number  9550

SIP 'M' Magnetic Holder Part Number 9550

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The SIP 'M' Magnetic Holder offers easy, secure and reliable positioning of materials prior to and during welding and metalwork. Available as M (50lb) or L (75lb) models, each is manufactured with an all-metal design for heavy-duty durability.

An essential accessory for any welding environment.

  • Heavy-duty holding up to 50lb max. weight capacity
  • Easy and reliable securing or positioning of materials
  • Ideal for use before, during or after welding or metalwork
  • Manufactured with all-metal design for demanding applications
  • Larger 'L' model available supports up to 75lb weight

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. 09550
  • Weight Capacity: 50lb
  • Holder Type: Magnetic