SIP Floor Carpet Wand Part Number 7981

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SIP Floor Carpet Wand

SIP Floor Carpet Wand Part Number 7981

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The SIP Floor Carpet Wand is designed for powerful cleaning and suction, providing additional cleaning ease to the SIP 1200/40 Valeting Machine, increasing overall versatility in industrial cleaning of carpets and other upholstery.

Perfectly complements the SIP 1200/40 Valeting Machine.

  • Ideal for industrial-grade carpet and upholstery jobs
  • Increases versatility in vacuuming and cleaning tasks
  • Designed for the SIP 1400/20 Valeting Machine

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. 07981
  • Designed For: Carpets, upholstery
  • Suitable For: 07928