SIP CSW25P Pneumatic Column Spot Welder

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SIP CSW25P Pneumatic Column Spot Welder

SIP CSW25P Pneumatic Column Spot Welder

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The SIP CSW25P Pneumatic Column Spot Welder offers easy spot welding in a variety of demanding applications, utilising single or double spot welding modes for use on oxidised or coated steels, and a 2-stage pneumatic foot pedal for precise positioning.

Perfect for a variety of trade and professional applications.

  • 340mm to 480mm standard welding arm length
  • Digital display for welding current and welding time
  • Adjustable air regulator with dampener for easy control
  • 2-stage pneumatic foot pedal; precise work positioning
  • Fitted with high-quality watercooling hoses

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. 25113
  • Input Supply: 400v (50A) 1-PHASE
  • Max. Welding Power: 50kVA
  • Duty Cycle: 25kVA @ 50%
  • Mild Steel Capacity: 5+5mm (flat) / 20+20mm (bar)
  • Stainless Steel Capacity: 3+3mm (flat) / 12+12mm (bar)
  • No-Load Voltage: 1.4v
  • Short Circuit Current: 13.8KA
  • Max. Air Pressure: 70psi (4.8bar)
  • Water Flow Rate: 4ltr/min
  • Max. Electrode Force: 204kgF @ 340mm / 140kgF @ 450mm
  • Distance Between Arms: 200mm (standard) / 320mm (optional)
  • Arm Length: 340mm to 480mm (standard)
  • 200mm to 1000mm (optional)
  • Electrode Throat Size: 100mm
  • Electrode Holder Diameter: Ø 25mm
  • Electrode Diameter: Ø 20mm
  • Arm Diameter: Ø 45mm
  • Noise Level: 70dB(A)