SIP Car Creeper Part Number 3639

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SIP Car Creeper  Part Number  3639

SIP Car Creeper Part Number 3639

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The SIP Car Creeper is designed for optimal comfort for users when under vehicles, offering a fully padded and adjustable backrest and headrest to accommodate bespoke and individual needs, plus an oil-resistant vinyl cover for increased protection.

For comfortable under-vehicle inspection, oil changes, exhaust system or suspension repair in home, garage and workshop environments, the SIP Car Creeper is essential.

  • Designed for under-vehicle work and inspection
  • Ensures user does not need to lie on dirty floors
  • Fully padded backrest and headrest for optimal comfort
  • Adjustable positioning for bespoke individual needs
  • Oil-resistant vinyl cover for increased protection
  • Heavy-duty rectangular frame for durability

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. 03639
  • Wheel Mounted: 6x swivel castors
  • Creeper Adjustment: Headrest / backrest
  • Manufactured From: Oil-resistant vinyl