SIP Beech Workbench Part Number 1443

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SIP Beech Workbench  Part Number  1443

SIP Beech Workbench Part Number 1443

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The SIP Beech Workbench is a robust and modern version of a traditional bench built from high-quality and environmentally-friendly, manufactured from 100% sustainable forests, designed to be extremely versatile in offering practical storage and support.

Perfect for domestic and trade workshop applications.

  • 1320mm x 610mm large work surface for all workpieces
  • 865mm bench height for optimal user comfort and safety
  • Integrated waist-high storage and low level drawers
  • 2 integral vices for simple workpiece positioning
  • Supplied with pegs for secure positioning

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. 01443
  • Bench Height: 865mm
  • Bench Width: 610mm
  • Bench Length: 1320mm
  • No. of Vices: 2 vices
  • Sustainable Materials: Yes (100%)
  • Manufactured From: Beech wood
  • Supplied With: 4x wooden pegs
  • 4x metal pegs