SIP 14" Soft Brush Part Number PW23-00010

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SIP 14" Soft Brush

SIP 14" Soft Brush Part Number PW23-00010

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The SIP 14" Soft Brush is designed for efficient cleaning of carpets and other delicate floor types, offering powerful removal of even the most stubborn dirt, dust, and debris. Ideal for the SIP SD1260AC and SIP SD1260BAT Electric Scrubber Dryers.

Part of the comprehensive SIP Electric Floor Scrubber Dryer range.

  • 14" (Ø 360mm) high-quality soft brush
  • Suitable for carpets and delicate floor types
  • Perfect for the SD1260AC and SD1260BAT models

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. PW23-00010
  • Brush Size: Ø 360mm (14")
  • Brush Type: Soft Resistance
  • Suitable For: 07980 / 07982