SIP 10000w Induction Heater Part Number 1158

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SIP 10000w Induction Heater  Part Number  1158

SIP 10000w Induction Heater Part Number 1158

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The SIP 10000w Induction Heater is perfect for pre-heated welded fabrications, heat treatment and various manufacturing processes. This induction heater is designed for use in heavy-duty industrial applications.

A liquid cooling system allows the induction torch to safely reach temperatures of 1000°C within 15 seconds. This prevents the cable and torch from overheating, which maximises performance and protects the user's hands from the heat produced.

This plug-and-play solution uses an all-electric process which offers greater levels of safety compared to oxyacetylene and other methods which use a naked flame.

  • Powerful and compact (10,000w)
  • Reaches temperatures of 1000°C in 15 seconds
  • Liquid-cooled induction cable and torch
  • Integrated fan-cooled radiator
  • Sturdy and robust unit
  • Easy-to-use design

Technical Specification

  • ITEM NO. 01158
  • Input Supply: 400v 3-PHASE
  • Induction Power: 10kW
  • Power Control: Multi-Level
  • Induction Cable Length: 4mtr
  • Power Cable Length: 5mtr
  • Inverter Ventilation: 6x Cooling Fans
  • Liquid Cooling System: Torch & Induction Cable
  • Inverter Frequency Range: 18kHz - 45kHz