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Sanifico 5 Ltr Sanitising Food Grade Fluid - Lub-Dr515 Covid Sanitisation

Sanifico 5 Ltr Sanitising Food Grade Fluid - LUB-DR515

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Code LUB-DR515

Weight 5 kg
General purpose, highly effective multi surface and object disinfectant. Antibacterial, alcohol-free and provides lasting protection against a range of microorganisms including; bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Providing a highly effective disinfectant whilst being totally biodegradable, kinder to the environment and safer for the user.

Offices, meeting and reception rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, Hospitals, waiting areas, vehicles, clinics, nursing homes, medical centres, gyms, spas, recreational areas, schools, play areas, salons, shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, and other public places factories, manufacturing areas etc.