NARDI EXTREME 9.00HP MPD CP 270ltr Dental Compressor

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NARDI EXTREME 9.00HP MPD CP 270ltr Dental Compressor

NARDI EXTREME 9.00HP MPD CP 270ltr Dental Compressor

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The NARDI EXTREME MPD 9.00HP 270ltr Direct Drive Dental Compressor with Panel offers heavy-duty performance perfect for demanding applications, delivering powerful piston displacement via a slow-running motor and high-quality oil-free pump.

The integrated control panel provides bespoke multi-pump support, delivering even power distribution on up to 3 motor/pump configurations, operating them continually dependant on air requirements and optimising usage.

Elsewhere, the panel features a service interval indicator for maintaining optimum performance and reliability and individual meters and timers to measure pump hours via a microprocessor-controlled pump selection.

Ideal for a variety of industrial-grade applications.

  • Fitted with a desiccant dryer for low humidity air
  • Slow-running 4-pole motor for high performance
  • V-Twin cylinder; direct drive crankshaft via motor shaft
  • Intelligent control panel; motor control and system monitoring
  • Heavy-duty receiver painted internally with a corrosion-inhibiting epoxy electrostatic powder for longer life and reduced wear and tear
  • High-quality pump designed with robust technopolymer piston rings providing oil-free operation for long life and low maintenance performance
  • Concentric big end bearings for reduced vibration and increased pump life
  • Unique crankcase air intake particle diffusion reduces air contamination, ensuring longer life of the valve plate
  • Fan-shaped stainless steel valves provide long life and durability
  • Fan air duct cooling for an extended runtime and performance
  • Low noise compared to other similar industrial compressors
  • Built with an adjustable air pressure regulator
  • SIP 3-Year Standard Silver Warranty
  • Manufactured in Italy

Technical Specification

  • Input Supply: 400v 3-PHASE
  • Motor Power: 3x 2.20kW (3.00hp) 4-POLE
  • Receiver Size: 270ltr
  • Max. Air Intake: 63.60CFM (1800ltr/min)
  • Free Air Delivery (FAD): 5bar; 39.00CFM (1120ltr/min) / 8bar; 36.00CFM (990ltr/min)
  • Max. Air Pressure: 145psi (10bar)
  • No. of Cylinders: 12 cylinders
  • Dryer Type: Desiccant
  • Noise Level: 75dB(A)