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Mikropor Ice Cube Compressed Air Dryer 41 Cfm 16 Bar 230V - Ic-70

Mikropor Ice Cube Compressed Air Dryer 41 cfm, 16 Bar, 230V - IC-70

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Code D-IC-70
Model: IC70 Static Refrigerated Dryer
Weight 23 kg

Static Air Dryers

Ice Cube Dryers have static condensers without a cooling fan.
Therefore they are energy efficient with low noise level and compact design.
Ice Cube Dryers also have long service life and low maintenance needs.


- Superior energy saving due to static condenser
- Efficient refrigerant compressor with low pressure drop
- Optimised dew point
- No condenser blockage due to wide condenser design
- Standard expansion valve
- 3-in-1 heat exchanger design (air/air - air/refrigerant - water separator in one block)
- Easy to service auto-drain
- High pressure switch
- No loss of compressed air (Zero Loss)
- Less refrigerant gas used than equivalents, environmentally friendly
Part Number D-IC-70
Product Weight 23kg
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
L/min 1167
Air Displacement (CFM) 41 CFM
Inlet/Outlet Size 1/2" BSPP Female
Gas R-134a
Fuse Amp Size 4
Voltage 230V
Kg 23
Dimensions 396 x 366 x 520