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**coming Soon** Fini Mini Cube 230V 2.2Kw 90 L 8.5 Cfm 10 Bar Screw Compressor - Mini 2.2-10M-90
**coming Soon** Fini Mini Cube 230V 2.2Kw 90 L 8.5 Cfm 10 Bar Screw Compressor - Mini 2.2-10M-90

Fini Mini Cube 230V, 2.2kw, 90 L, 8.5 CFM, 10 Bar Screw Compressor - F-V72PK60FNM001

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Code F-V72PK60FNM001
Model: MINI Cube 2.2-10M-90 230/50


The screw compressor from the CUBE MINI industrial range is distinguished by efficiency, modularity and quietness .
The safety in operation and the special reliability of this compressor, which incorporates equipment and materials in accordance with the latest technologies, guarantee a long service life, 24 hours a day, if all the installation, use and maintenance requirements are observed.

Compression circuit . The screw compressor is with an oil injection stage, being manufactured entirely by Fini Compressors Spa and has two pair screws, with asymmetrical profiles, mounted on ball bearings and roller bearings, which have the possibility to take axial loads very big. Designed, manufactured and fully tested by Fini, it ensures high performance, a low working temperature and reduced energy consumption.
High efficiency air filter with a filtration degree of 10 microns.
Suction regulator - normally closed, actuated by a solenoid valve, equipped with a safety closing device, with preset idle pressure.

Air-oil tank and oil separator
The air-oil tank is made according to EEC directives, no. 87/404. It is made of steel and painted with epoxy resin, dried in the oven at 200 ° C.
At the entrance to the cylinder, the oil is mechanically pre-prepared, then the air-oil mixture passes through the separator filter. This filter retains almost all oil particles, so the amount of oil in the air is less than 0.004g / m3.

Compact and quiet . Due to the low noise level between 62 and 68 dB (A), CUBE MINI compressors do not require a sound-insulated cab and can be located even in work areas.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage (V / Hz / Ph) 230/50/1
Engine power (kW) 2.2
Engine power (HP) 3
Delivery (CFM) 8.5
Maximum pressure (bar) 10
Lubrication oil
Silent Yes
Capacity (L) 90
Noise level (dB) 65
Transmission type belt drive
Connection (") 1/2
Applications Recommended for continuous use as an air source in industry as well as for small and medium enterprises, where compressed air is the most important energy source.
Regime of use industrial
Warranty 2 Years
Warranty features The warranty granted to the electronic controller and the screw compression unit is 2 years.
Net length length (mm) 725
Net width width (mm) 458
Net height height (mm) 1058
Net weight (kg) 105