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B O G E Oil/Water Condensate Separator 176 Cfm - Cc5-2

B O G E Oil/Water Condensate Separator 176 CFM - CC5-2

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BOGE CC5-2 oil-water condensate separator

All oil-lubricated compressors produce condensate, which has to be treated prior to disposal. BOGE CC-2 oil-water separators operate with different filter stages, in which coated polypropylene fibres as well as charcoal are used. A residual oil content of < 10 ppm is therefore reliably achieved at the outlet, and this applies for all compressor oils – even for the fully synthetic oils that are standard nowadays.


  • DIBT approval for usage worldwide
  • Residual oil content of < 10 ppm
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Suitable for all types of oil
  • Two indicator displays for degree of saturation
  • With an optional electronic alarm contact

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