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Abac Dry 1260 + 2 X Filters 795 Cfm Refrigerated Dryer - 4102005599 Compressed Air

Abac DRY 1260 + 2 x Filters 795 cfm Compressed Air Refrigerated Dryer - 4102005599 +2 x Filters

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Part Number: 4102005599 + 2 x Filters

1 x Abac Dryer

1 x Abac G Series Pre-Filter

1 x Abac C Series Oil Removal Filter

2 year Warranty when buying Dryer with Filters

Todays compressed air production process is not only a matter of producing air, but also of confirming with defined purity criteria. ABAC provides with its refrigerant dryers the right solution to remove condensate and continue efficiency.

Benefits from the ABAC dry range:

  • Longer lifetime of your equipment and distribution network due to less wear
  • Better productivity and lower maintenance costs thanks to less breakdowns
  • Energy saving with lower pressure drops
  • 795 CFM