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Abac B26B/200 Cm3 Baseline 2.2Kw 8.5Cfm 200Ltr 10Bar Air Compressor - 1121450020

Abac B26B/200 CM3 Baseline 2.2kW 8.5cfm 200ltr 10Bar Air Compressor - 1121450020

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Part No. 1121450020

The 200ltr 3hp is included in the Hobby and DIY category and tailored for professionals. However, features such as reliability, stability and sturdiness, make it a suitable option for hobbyists as well. The 200ltr 3hp is perfect for intermittent or frequent use and ideal for applications such as inflating, blowing, cleaning, stapling, painting operations, nailing, spraying, grouting, hammering and many more.
  • Pump Oil Lubricated
  • Motor 3hp - 2.2kw
  • Voltage 230/50/1 13amp Plug
  • Belt Drive
  • Tank Size 200 ltrs
  • Output 140l/min - 8.5cfm Displacement
  • Max Working Pressure 10 Bar
  • 93 dB(A)
  • Pressure Regulator Fitted