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BOGE Servicing & Reconfigure SLF-75 Completed - SWEET Success!


Boge SL75-3, Boge SLF75-3

Our team had a message from a sweet manufacture based in the south of the UK to undertake major services to their BOGE SL 75-3 & SLF 75-3 screw air compressors, along with refrigerant dryers.

The engineers arrived 3 days later packed with BOGE UK's Genuine Spares and lubricants. After a good days work they had both air compressors back in shape. Whilst on site our factory trained engineers gave the site maintenance team a crash course on BOGE's new FOCUS 2.0 Control Board. Now the companies maintenance team are able to re-configure the parameters to cater for their needs.

If you require maintenance work or repairs to your air compressor, no matter what make please feel free to get in contact on 0800 7555 808 (option 2)

Many Thanks!

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