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3D Printing Air Compressor Supply & Install

Hello, welcome to our blog. On this occasion we are covering the supply, install & commissioning of screw air compressor, dryer & filtration for a state of the art 3D Printing facility.

We were contacted by the joint owners of the company that had been given a specification sheet from HP (Hewlett Packard) with the requirements of the mega printer planned to be installed. This gave us a great isight in to the quality of the air required along with flow rates and pressures. We discussed other requirements including blast cabinets and micro CNC machines.

We recommended the Fini Micro 408200ES which is a screw air compressor with dryer and filtration attached.


AMufacture - 3D Printing

We also supplied the compressed air pipework to the printers and blast cabinets in the commissioning process. After the installation & commissioning process was complete the customer was extremely happy with the results and ultimately has a system in place that will cater for their current requirements with room for expansion when needed.